As a way of increasing communication with potential contributors and
and making the dictionary project central to an ongoing debate about
the scope and definition of intellectual history, regular conferences are planned.

The first conference has been co-organized and funded by the Journal of the History of Ideas
and took place at the Herzog August Bibliothek in Wolfenbuettel:

Intellectual History in a Global Age, Oct. 14-17, 2004

Papers given (see also English summary): 

Donald R. Kelley
Intellectual History in a Global Age. 

Ulrich Johannes Schneider
The International Dictionary of Intellectual Historians. Project presentation
Comment: Matthew Decoursey

Allan Megill
Globalization and the History of Ideas
Comment: Warren Breckman

Jerome B. Schneewind
Globalization and the History of Philosophy
Comment: Michael Carhart

Joseph Levine
Intellectual history as history?
Comment: Constance Blackwell

Naoki Sakai
Panel Introduction: Intellectual History and Japan

Tomiko Yoda
Reading History Against the National Frame
Comment: Jennifer S. Milligan

Takeshi Komagome
Intellectual History in the Context of Colonialism: Colonial Modernity for an Elite Taiwanese
Comment: Steffi Richter

Edoardo Tortarolo
World history in the 21st century

Lorina R. Repina
Universal history in the Russian intellectual Tradition (XIX - XXI cc.)

Matthias Middell
The Place of Intellectual History within the History of Historiography 1850-2000
Comment: Maryanne Cline Horowitz

Axel Schneider
How ideas become history and how history feeds ideas: On the dialectics of intellectual history
Comment: Xin Chen

Xin Chen
The Ultimate Goal: Writing Intellectual History in the Context of Globalization
Comment: Axel Schneider

Bonnie Smith
The commerce of ideas
Comment: Laszlo Kontler

Maryanne Cline Horowitz
Globalization in the New Dictionary of the History of Ideas. Project presentation

Updated Dec. 29, 2004