About intellectual history

In 1996 Constance Blackwell edited the first issue of Intellectual News as a newsletter (now a journal) for the 'International Society for Intellectual History'. Most articles were devoted to the definition of intellectual history. The contributors came from various national and disciplinary perspectives. We provide here in 'pdf' the articles as well as the whole issue. 

 [The whole issue:] Intellectual News No. 1: Autumn 1996 [52 pages, 1.2MB]
Susanna Åkermann, A View from Afar [3 pages]
Michael Fend, Intellectual Histories of Music [4 pages]
Thomas Frangenberg, Art History and Intellectual History [2 pages]
Marina Frasca-Spada, Notes on Intellectual History, History of Philosophy and the History of Ideas [2 pages]
Michael Hunter, Intellectual History: Biographical and Archival Sources [1 page]
Nicholas Jardine, Intellectual History and Philosophy of Science [2 pages]
David Katz, Intellectual History and Religious History [2 pages]
Donald R. Kelley, Prolegomena to the Study of Intellectual History [2 pages]
John Christian Laursen, Intellectual History in Political Theory [2 pages]
Christopher Ligota, Topics in the History of Scholarship [2 pages]
Anthony Pagden, The Rise and Decline of Intellectual History [2 pages]
Wilhelm Schmidt-Biggemann, Was ist "Intellectual History"? [3 pages]
Ulrich Johannes Schneider, Intellectual History and the History of Philosophy [3 pages]
Edoardo Tortarolo, Intellectual History and Historiography [2 pages]
Vladimír Urbánek, Comenius Studies and Intellectual History in the Czech Republik [3 pages]
Theo Verbeek, Intellectual History and Dutch Cartesianism [1 page]
Françoise Waquet, Histoire des relations intellectuelles dans la République des Lettres [3 pages]
Charles Webster, Medicine and Intellectual History [2 pages]
Iain Willison, Intellectual History and the History of the Book [3 pages]
[Guest essay:] Donald R. Kelley, What is happening to the History of Ideas? [15 pages]